We create success stories

Spivi is your one-stop-shop beverage distributor in the Nordics

Connecting brand and people

Our objective is to create success stories by connecting our brands with people. Success comes in many shapes and forms, and to us, each success story has its own personal narrative to allow each brand to achieve its full potential in the Scandinavian market.

At Spivi, we are a small team of industry experts who are dedicated to creating these success stories. Our focus is set on excellence in execution and in eliminating any processes that do not create value for our brands.

Our full dedication

We are family – passion and dedication is in our blood! We strive to be the best at understanding our consumers and following the latest market trends.

We value dedication, efficiency, honesty, and conviction. We have grown fast, but we treasure our small company mind-set that keeps us humble in all that we do.

This is how we create strong brands





By optimizing every step of the business model and by adding a generous amount of passion into all that we do – we create success stories.

Our loved brands

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It’s finally launched, our new website! Welcome to spivi.no!

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Monkey Business Alert

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